Empowering Your Company With High Performance Leadership


You can't grow your business, only your people can. As Maxwell stated, “if you want your business to grow create followers, if you want to multiply create more leaders”.

Great leaders transform their people and businesses by creating trust and inspiring their people through vision and values. They set stretch goals, and create a collaborative team environment that enables innovation while coaching, building and empowering their people.

When people feel empowered, they can achieve greatness. Empowerment comes from knowing their voice is heard and their expertise respected. As a leader, you’re responsible for cultivating an environment that stimulates this empowerment. How do you do it? By adopting a leadership mentality – not just for yourself, but for your entire company.


High performance is about continually trying improve the 1% margins. Similarly, good leaders continue to strive to get better. Leadership is a journey, and there’s always something new to learn. Whether that means a continued commitment to professional development, implementing strategies learned from other leaders, or putting into practice lessons obtained through mistakes or diversions.

In her article on creating a successful leadership mentality, communication expert Anna-Maria Yritys writes, “No matter what you may have been through in your life, in your career, you must realize that everything has served a purpose.” Leaders are constantly seeking to learn and improve, even if that learning sometimes comes at a cost – leaders reflect to understand that learning – the purpose.

When your team, customers, media, or other commentators see you constantly innovating, learning and improving, it gives them courage and inspires them to seek out opportunities as well. Leaders should always set an example, and the leader who is constantly learning is a leader empowering others.


Communication is the sister of leadership. Every successful leader – from Steve Jobs to Martin Luther King, Jr. – has one single trait in common: they understood and harnessed the power of communication. All leaders are communicators, able to tap into the fundamental human impact of their message and deliver it to maximum effect. Good leaders adapt their communication to their audience and are powerful and influential communicators one-to-one or one-to-many.

As Yritys writes, “Powerful, respectful communication requires assertiveness, consciousness, an ability to tap into your personal source, and most of all, having the capability of truly listening to yourself, and to those you communicate with.”


What happens when your whole company adopts a leadership mentality? No longer does your success ride on a select few individuals. Now, your whole company are leaders – of innovation, of collaboration, of inspiration. Good businesses wanting to get better need to cultivate the same principles adopted by individual leaders, namely:

  • Always learning: through continual market research, by talking with customers, and by giving your people opportunities to grow.
  • Attracting new people: bringing together the best and brightest and getting them to create magic. This comes back to cultivating a culture that attracts the right kind of people.
  • Communicating with openness and integrity: Whether you’re addressing staff, customers, or the market in general, your company’s communications should be aligned with your values.
  • Creating change: Great leaders don’t follow the rules or do what everyone else has done. They’re the disruptors.

Is your company operating with the leadership mentality? Are you empowering others with constant learning and innovation? Find out more about the traits of successful leaders in our new ebook, The Four Cornerstones of Strategic Execution.

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