Strategic Planning

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Strategic Intent is all about getting clear on where you need to go and then planning how you’re going to get there.

Over the last two decades, we’ve developed a strategic planning process that is recognised by our clients and leading academics as one of the best strategic frameworks in the world – one that’s continually iterated and evolving to respond to new research and future markets.

We create plans with a focus on execution. We’ll show you how to achieve your company’s vision and execute your strategy through practical and effective frameworks that are proven to deliver results.

“Strategy is not an accounting and forecasting exercise; It’s a Leadership exercise in getting everyone on the same page. One requires a calculator, the other requires courage” - Pat Lencioni
  • Create an inspiring Strategic Plan that will deliver clarity & results
  • Work collaboratively with your leaders to build a plan they understand and will own
  • Through facilitation, discuss all the difficult topics that need to clarification & alignment
  • Identify a future Vision, Mission & Strategic Intent that will inspire you and your people
  • Clarify the Purpose & Behaviours that really define the culture you need
  • Define how you will play to win in the marketplace in the future through analysis & industry data
  • Clarify the Strategy and actions that need to be executed by the company in the immediate future
  • Our programme provides a number of reviews that ensure Strategic Execution becomes a focus for the company. Our facilitators also deliver customised training and leader development workshops.

    If you want to create a unique Strategy that delivers results and inspires your people, then get in touch with us – the Strategy Experts.