Immmersive Events

A catalyst for real change

Are you tired of sitting in board rooms trying to do “strategic planning” in between cucumber sandwiches and toilet breaks?

Perhaps you need to spice things up a bit?

Our immersive events are designed to be a catalyst for real change.

Instead of slowly dying inside while four windowless walls close in on you, we take you out of your everyday environment (your boring comfort zone) and put you in a new environment that is inspiring, different and out of the ordinary.

These events are for teams who ..

  • Need to connect better as a team and culture
  • Are bored with normal strategy sessions and meetings
  • Need a change, something different
  • Have grown stale
  • Want to experience what having fun AND getting work done looks like
  • Are sick of cucumber sandwiches

Event prices vary depending on the number of people attending and the type of impact you want to have with your event.

These events are only for leaders who see spending this kind of money as an investment in their people.

We can cater to half day, full day and two day events.

These events can be run in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

If you want to book an immersive event with us - please allow a 6 week lead time for your desired dates. (Hey, you can try your luck with an earlier date, but in our busy seasons we are usually booked 6 weeks + in advance)

Immersive Event Enquiry

$10K - $15K
$15K - $25k
$25k +
We don't care what it costs - make it awesome!
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