3 Easy Strategies to Cultivate a Positive Company Culture


If you’re looking for strategies to improve your employee retention, so that your team will feel appreciated and want to stay on for the long term, look no further.

These tips will help bring your team together and make everyone feel included when you’re in meetings, and it can empower individuals to act. This will subsequently keep your culture flourishing and thriving.

  1. Invite everyone. Seems like common sense, but to any team gathering, team lunch, brainstorming or strategy session (where relevant), everyone (including junior members of the team) should be invited and have the chance to share their opinion. Perhaps this means that your meeting goes over time, however consider that it’s crucial to hear different perspectives. This will also make for a more productive session. Observing how the dynamics in the team flow naturally, will give you a sense of how you could divide the team into smaller groups.
  2. Embrace differences. Make it a point to accept differences and respect people for who they are (without trying to create mini versions of yourself). Highlight their strengths, not weaknesses. When in meetings, understand that some people may not speak up but may prove to have the best ideas in the room. Perhaps some individuals just need more encouragement to voice their opinions, but this doesn’t mean that their capability is lacking.
  3. Let others shine. As a leader of the session, be aware that you don’t take over the whole conversation. Often the leaders’ role is to be a facilitator and mediator and give the floor to someone who’s working towards finding a solution, and praise them for their participation. Encourage them to present their thoughts and make it a safe place for them to do so. Even if it doesn’t always seem that way, everyone does have ideas and your role as a leader is to give everyone the opportunity to speak up and propose a solution.

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