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Talk to me when you’re struggling with your finances

Although Uli Wiehle is known as a numbers guy, he could just as easily be known as a branding expert – having helped companies position themselves well for the stock market for years.

Working in the financial markets in Germany for 15 years as a managing partner and shareholder of Cometis AG, he prepared over 50 SMEs for their IPO and advised over 200 listed German companies on their investor relations strategies, funding bids, secondary offerings, bond issues, and mergers and acquisitions.

Since falling in love with Waiheke Island and moving to New Zealand a few years ago, Uli has jumped into the start-up sector, running due diligence and getting new companies on track for success (he’s even invested in a few). Now, he’s working with great organisations to help them become even better.

“From setting effective strategies and executing on them to getting your finances right or raising capital, I help businesses think outside the box,” shares Uli. “I pride myself on listening and very quickly understanding the issues so that I can help you make the best decisions possible as quickly as you can.”

Some of the things that make Uli a legend include:

  • Facilitating transactions which helped clients raise a total of over a billion euros, including one equipment manufacturer who grew from $20 million turnover to $500 million.
  • Successfully navigating the GFC, and helping other businesses do the same.
  • Writing bestselling financial reference books, including 100 IFRS Financial Ratios, which was translated into seven languages and sold more than 500,000 copies.
  • Mentoring other business owners through the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and their Accelerator programme.
  • Being an active business angel, running his own e-gifting start-up, and coordinating the deal flow of the Flying Kiwi Angels.

Uli knows first hand how tough it is when you have a business you’re trying to grow – and he has created exceptional strategies in the past. Along his journey, he’s learned how important full alignment and shared values amongst the team are in being able to successfully execute. He’s taken that lesson to heart, and knowing how much of a difference execution can make to growth drives Uli to help others stay on track.

In everything he does, Uli brings a commitment to doing business the right way – making decisions based not just on numbers, but also on what’s right for the people involved and for a brand’s reputation.

“My time in the financial space taught me that it takes years to build up trust, but only seconds to destroy it. One bad move, or unethical decision, can change the way people view you forever. That’s true both for your business as a whole, and for your leadership.”