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Logan Wedgwood

Managing Director

Talk to me if your sales are flat, or you need more momentum

‘Listen to understand, not to respond’ doesn’t sound like your typical business advice, but it’s one of the core tenets that Logan lives by. Logan’s exceptional ability to understand and read people means that he’s not only rated highly as a facilitator, but he’s also thrived in a number of leading sales roles and has had a measurable impact as a consultant growing clients’ businesses.

You see, Logan believes that business is about people and that understanding people – whether they be your team, customers, prospects, or even yourself – is key to growing a business. As a consultant, Logan harnesses this understanding to guide people towards the answers they need, and to bring them together to achieve great things.

Logan’s diverse career has spanned manufacturing, branding and design, marketing and advertising, IT, and record-breaking sales roles, before he found his way to consulting. What brings all of this together is Logan’s belief in working with people who believe in something he also believes in.

“The most courageous thing we can do, in business and life, is to take the little moments and opportunities that are presented to us – picking up the phone when we don’t feel like it, jumping on a plane to see someone instead of sending an email, saying yes to something that challenges us, or trusting someone to implement a solution they feel passionate about. I believe that when we change the dial, we impact the course of what’s possible.”

For this surprising introvert, putting himself out there and making the most of so many moments throughout his career has been courageous. However, he’s always been in pursuit of mastery, whether that’s working out at boxing, playing the drums, riding his motorbike, or shedding his high school drop-out status to achieve an MBA with Distinction.

Some of the things that make Logan a legend include:

  • Supporting clients to turn their businesses around and exceed their revenue targets
  • Reshaping the diversity of teams and empowering people to reach their potential
  • Having the tough conversations that needed to happen
  • Sharing his knowledge with other businesspeople via a column in NZ Business magazine, and as published author of sales book, ‘Grow 3x: Increase your sales with certainty’

Making a difference for Logan is about positively impacting the people he works with – making their lives easier, helping them to achieve more and be better than they thought they could be. Logan believes businesses can do better, and he exists to drive positive change in every company he works with.