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Having been consulting for over 30 years (including 20 years working with premium international firms and 10 as one of a very small group of partners at Hay Group, a US$0.5 billion consultancy based in Philadelphia), Chris Bunce is clearly an advisor for life.

His belief that you need both world class research and the ability to apply that research to real life situations to be a great advisor means that he’s found the ideal home at AW. His ability to combine well-proven theories with his vast experience has helped so many clients increase their revenue and profits significantly.

In 2010, Chris swapped out his globe-trotting roles with Hay Group to help mid-sized Kiwi businesses grow with Advisory.Works (then Results Group). Here, he has had an even bigger impact. “There is no doubt that mid-sized companies are the growth engine for New Zealand – and they are fun to work with.”

You’ll see Chris at his best when business growth is constrained by people issues – whether there is team dysfunction, poor alignment or a leadership deficit, he helps leaders gain perspective, stay calm under fire, resolve issues, and build better cultures. “When I think about making a difference, that has to include the employees in a business. Anything else is unsustainable.”

Some of the things that make Chris a legend include:

  • Helping Advisory.Works’ clients implement better leadership and culture strategies, which have enabled them to win awards in their fields and increase their revenue by an average of 30-40%.
  • Advising top 200 corporate clients, facilitating their business strategy and supporting people and culture strategy.
  • A leading role in the execution of a new strategy which grew a global business unit from US$35M to US$85M revenue and from 0% to 18% profitability.

To be a good advisor, you have to make courageous decisions every day; you have to be able to tell people they’re being unreasonable without worrying about the consequences. If you don’t, you won’t be making the difference you should be. Consultancy often means calling people out – and Chris isn’t afraid to do that to get results.

So talk to Chris when your company needs a culture boost – even one that needs to start from the top