Advisory.Works® and ASB present:

The world has changed — do you stand your ground or build something better?


Tue 13 April 4:00PM to 6:00 PM (registration from 3:30 pm)


ASB North Wharf, 12 Jellicoe Street, Auckland 1010

We face one of the biggest transformations that business has encountered in our lifetimes. Consider the key components to adapt.

Navigating uncertainty, driving team performance, and planning for the future are on the minds of every Kiwi business leader.

But the move towards operating in a virtual world, combined with constant uncertainty, has left many struggling to motivate and manage their teams or grow their business.

Learn the fundamentals to build a better business than you've ever had before. Among other things, you will learn:

  • Instilling a sense of ownership across the business
  • A new model for gaining leadership talent
  • How to successfully exit your business in the current environment and why the timing may be ideal
  • Why your strategy must be iterative, and how to iterate yours regularly
  • How to easily measure team engagement and create greater customer engagement
  • The simple structure that drives execution and team performance
  • How to keep your team engaged and performing in a virtual world
  • Why focussing on new sales is more powerful in a destabilised or contracting market
  • Building a process to attract new business while adding significant value to customers & prospects
  • The power of ecosystems and why they are the future for business success
  • The most critical elements to being an effective leader during times of change or uncertainty