Meetings get a bad wrap. But when done well they truly are the life blood of a business. They’re also the foundation for successfully executing on your strategic priorities. The key is setting them at the right frequency and then sticking to tightly-run agendas.

No doubt some meetings are standard already in your business; this document will help you get the cadence right. It’s the first piece of your journey towards your business running better than ever before.

Effective meetings support teams to be high-performing. They:

— Build relationships and trust
— Provide communication clarity
— Harness focused collective intelligence
— Give the opportunity for healthy conflict
— Hone the focus on goal progress and results
— Result in ownership and commitment to action

We see too many businesses rely solely on monthly and quarterly meetings, however these are not frequent enough to mitigate the struggle all busy people face; remaining proactively focused on strategic priorities amidst the reactive reality of business as usual.