Our Story


Redefining the Advisory Space

The business advisory space is heating up, with many traditional professional services companies trying to be sslide1een as advisory-driven rather than task-driven. With two decades of genuine business advisory experience, we find ourselves at the forefront of this shifting market. With that in mind, we’ve evolved our name from The Results Group to AdvisoryWorks.

Being an advisor is about more than simply providing a financial forecast and a little supplementary advice or stand alone technology tools. It is about connecting with people and supporting them to apply solutions to complex leadership problems. It is about supporting change. To continue to lead the business advisory space and show business leaders what being an advisor really means, we’re taking on a new name that reflects our leadership in the advisory space.


Where we Have Come From

We’ve spent the last twenty years working with successful businesses and business leaders who are ready to build themselves into something even greater. Like you, we’ve had to evolve and change our business along the way, but our passion for learning means that over time, we’ve improved not just our own business, but also the frameworks we use to make a difference to business leaders.

We will continue to iterate our frameworks to align with the very latest business research and global thinking that supports the four cornerstones of business  – Culture, Strategic Intent, High Performance Leadership and Disciplined Execution.

We Have been recognised for our Business Excellence.

Bringing Strategy Alive

Every business owner knows that a business strategy is just empty words until actions are taken to make change happen. And yet many consultants will present their strategy to a company then leave them adrift without the structures, habits, processes and support to turn that into reality.

Just like before, we’ll continue working with companies across the globe who want to become better and have a willingness to learn in order to help them bring strategy alive in their business. Advisory.Works supports business leaders to not just create business strategy, but also to build structures that mean every person in the business knows which piece of the strategy they own, and the whole team is accountable for executing that strategy.

People Power

At the heart of everything we do is our desire to make a difference to business leaders – and it’s that passion that makes successful entrepreneurs and business leaders want to work here at AdvisoryWorks and help other companies instead of continuing to work solely on their own ventures.

Our people are not just academically qualified, they have been there, done that and, just like you they have made mistakes, had successes and have valuable real life business leadership experience. We understand just how lonely leadership can be. In any leadership position, you need a trusted sounding board and straight talk – so you hear what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. We’re enablers of transformation, not yes people.

Strategy is about being clear on where you’ll play and how you’ll win that space – it’s about being different. To really deliver on strategy though, you need execution and leadership. We’ll help you bring structures to life in your business so that everyone in your team knows what they’re accountable for and is working towards achieving that strategy. No one understands strategic execution better than us – that’s how we make a real difference to businesses and business leaders every day.