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Grant Stapleton

Strategic Advisor

Talk to me when you want to increase profitability and maximise opportunities

Grant’s had no shortage of opportunity and leadership in business, with many years spent both founding businesses and running others as CEO. Grant has always been in pursuit of excellence and

is driven by a burning desire to improve the companies he works with.

Grant is a firm believer in strengthening the human capital of the businesses he works with and is a natural developer of people. “Good leadership is about recognising talent in others; we should never underestimate the value of talent to a business. Good people, who are highly engaged and believe in a purpose, can do exceptional things. So, making a difference, for me, is about giving people purpose.”

Some of the things that make Grant a legend include:

  • Advising companies ranging from $10million to $4billion, in a vast range of industries across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Spain and the U.S.
  • Turning businesses around from under-performing to market-leading
  • Leading many businesses – from FMCG to IT – to enter new domestic and overseas markets, via acquisition or through a green fields approach
  • Substantially improving the financial performance of clients’ businesses

Grant believes complacency to be the thief of optimisation; no matter how well a business is performing, there are always areas where they can do better. His focus as a consultant is on pushing businesses to maximise opportunities.