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Chris Pope

Strategic Advisor

Talk to me if you want to bridge the gap from strategy to operational outcomes.

Chris is all about the solution. He’s become known in the industry as a straight-shooting pragmatist, always turning his thoughts – and his clients’ thoughts – back to the problem that they’re trying to solve together and what that means for the business.

For Agile master and IT strategist Chris, it’s not just about the most whizz-bang technology or IT solution out there but cutting through the “PR speak” to uncover what will work for his clients and what can be discarded. Sure, a solution might work for Google or Uber, but Kiwi businesses need solutions that are going to meet our unique market and needs – businesses, that is, like Air New Zealand, VINZ or a host of companies Chris has already worked with over his two decade-plus career.

It all comes back to realising the goals for his clients, the tangible outcomes that measure success, and the deliverables that will achieve it. That’s because, for Chris, lasting, meaningful business change has to be led by an understanding of where you are and where you want to go. That’s why he’s thinking about not just the right solutions, but getting that ‘a-ha!’ moment of understanding from his clients that shows how technology is advancing the business’s strategic direction.

Before joining Advisory.Works in 2020, Chris has been leading transformational change and improving practices across a wide range of industries including airline, management consulting, local government, education, transport and healthcare.

Chris’s magic lies in his ability to see the clearest path forward that cuts through the confusion, fear and doubt. That’s how he’s built his reputation as a straight-shooting pragmatist driven to getting what his clients want: the job done, according to scope, delivered on time, within budget, and bringing the tangible results that they need.

It’s little wonder – with over twenty years of project and programme management organisational change management, facilitation, and portfolio governance experience, as well as strategy development and implementation – that Chris makes such a formidable force.