Business Exit

Advisory.Works has helped thousands of business owners globally to simplify their business, and we can do the same for you. We will support, teach and motivate you to put in place the tools, processes and systems that you and your business need to maximise future performance. Our goal is to get you out of business as usual and into the strategically important priorities that will really drive your business forward. Select one of our world-class programmes to find out more.


We work with global thought leaders and Business Schools to constantly review and iterate our processes to keep you ahead of the crowd.

Our Strategic Business Partner is John Spence, a top 100 Business Thought Leader & Business Influencer in the USA and one of the top 500 Leadership Experts in the world.

Business Exit

Paul Taggart“Advisory.Works provided clarity on our structure and where we needed to take our business in the future.”

Chances are, your dream wasn’t to have to work in your business until your dying days, see it simply wind down after all that hard work, or sell for a mere 2x EBIT. Wanting to exit your business is a natural part of the journey for both the business and you.

We’re here to help you see that there are many options and this journey of business succession is a process, not an event.

At Advisory.Works, we believe that true succession is when business owners have the element of choice (and choices they’re excited about taking!) It’s about empowering a business to operate independently of its owner –hasn’t this always been the dream?!

Our team of experienced business consultants/strategic advisors provide an extremely valuable resource walking alongside you as your strategic partner to support your business leadership as you go through this challenging business progression.

How we will work with you to Exit your Business

We will work with you to determine where you are in your business lifecycle which will largely determine the kinds of decisions you need to make, all of which are significant in their own way. We initially discuss this with you to understand your readiness, preparedness, desired timeframe and what you consider the broad options to be. When you look down the road, would you consider selling your business? Growing it? Merging with a larger entity? Or acquiring another complimentary business? Would you consider passing over the leadership of your business and appointing a general manager? In all of the considerations above, it pays to have choices…

We will help you to:

  • Thoroughly understand your current business position
  • Develop a vision & strategy that best positions the business past your succession
  • Develop a sound understanding of your target market, competitive advantage and brand position
  • Gain a clear understanding of the market and anticipated industry trends in the next three years
  • Develop strategic succession goals, timeline, measures and a path to achieve them
  • Determine short term actions to improve in key areas, seek opportunities or mitigate risk

We work alongside you to assist you with:

  • Increase the value of your business, so that it can attract a higher multiplier for sale
  • Put the structure in place that allows a business to be run under separate management
  • Have a vision and strategy in place so employees know where the business is going and actively engage, both internally and externally, to improve the performance of the business towards that vision and it shows the future upside of the business to potential purchasers or investors
  • Establish communication flows and the right metrics for visibility that allow an owner to understand what is happening in the business without having to be all over it
  • Developing key measurement systems that drive the business and create accountability
  • Increasing customer loyalty with the business-not just the leader
  • Building an engaged team prepared to face the challenges with a sense of certainty
  • Working with your accountant, to prepare sound financial records over time

The transition of leadership regardless of whether you are selling or just exiting yourself from the daily business, can be the most challenging component, within a potentially uncertain and emotionally charged environment.  We work to:

  • Develop potential leaders within the business for future succession
  • Develop the leader’s personal plan for exit
  • Support the ‘exiting leader’ to create the space for the ‘new business leader’ to lead
  • Promote the new leader, allowing them to lead the business and create a new momentum
  • If retaining ownership, then guide the set up and implementation of an effective governance framework

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