Advisory.Works GPT Customer Service Assistant
A Cleva.Bot Demonstration

Note the red chat icon that appears in the bottom/right corner. This is Cleva.Bot, a custom trained, GPT powered, virtual assistant trained with comprehensive knowledge of all the pages, posts and other contents your site contains. Click the red icon to open a chat window and ask it any questions that you normally receive from existing or prospective clients. The responses may surprise you.

Cleva.Bot is highly flexible. It has been programmed with specific behaviours to assist your website visitors. Through testing the bot we can further train it to improve its answers and abilities, modify its persona or limit the information it provides.

Q: Is my content being shared with OpenAI to train ChatGPT?

No. Your site content has only been read by your custom Cleva.Bot during training. It does this in much the same way that Google indexes your content for search. Cleva.Bot does not add your data to ChatGPT. Rather, it adds the power of ChatGPT to your content. Cleva connects to OpenAI's API service to leverage ChatGPT's Large Language Model. No information is provided to OpenAI for LLM training. Your data is strictly your property and remains secure. Learn more about API interaction and privacy at

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