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Actions speak so loudly.

I met Simon at an international learning event 8 years ago and we had continued to cross paths whenever there was something remarkable to learn or experience. Over time, I began to see that we shared relationships with remarkable game changing people. In my global travels and business learning I would randomly meet people who would talk about Simon and the calibre of person he was in his business, community and family. A reputation was preceding him. While attending a top executive learning event held at MIT, I wasn't surprised to find that Simon was a lecturer and trainer. His high business acumen, calibre of wisdom, and generosity were clearly evident. I took away a profound new paradigm from Simon's teaching that have had a deep impact in my life. During the MIT event Simon learned of The Plastic Bank, and its endeavour to alleviate poverty and ocean plastic. Simon recognized that business, community and family lie at the heart of this important initiative and became a key partner, helping to accelerate the movement.

I write this recommendation as a testament to the person that Simon has become and to the person who he is becoming. As an executive of a global organization directed to solving the world's greatest challenges, I count Simon as one of my most trusted advisors and confidants. Simon had guided us to new levels of accomplishment and success that we may have never achieved. I'm thankful for Simon. I'm thankful for the person he is. Simon's actions scream volumes.

David Katz, Founder & CEO
Plastic Bank

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David Katz, Founder & CEO, Plastic Bank