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Simon Mundell

Founding Director & Strategic Advisor

The execution guy

Talk to me if you need help getting out of ‘business as usual’.

For Simon, it’s always been about challenging complacency, breaking down barriers and asking “why the hell not?” Perhaps Simon’s greatest superpower though is in seeing the strategic position a company can own – finding and facilitating the category for a business to lead.

From his first appointment to a General Manager role at the age of 25, Simon went on to establish businesses in New Zealand, Europe, and the U.S. – two of which grew to be market leaders. On his return to New Zealand to start his family, Simon wanted to get into business advisory. He couldn’t find a firm of people who had truly been there and done it themselves – people who could combine the best of research and world-class frameworks, with first-hand experience of the emotional journey of business. He’s spent the years since building that dream…

“Business is hard; the chance of failure is high. There can be lots of people pulling you down, and lots of really bad advice out there. But there’s also more opportunity now than there’s ever been. Helping businesses seize those opportunities, and achieve unrivalled growth and extraordinary outcomes, fuels and motivates our vision.”

Aside from being Advisory.Works CEO and Founding Director, some of the things that make Simon exceptional include:

  • Measurably growing Advisory.Works’ clients’ businesses year on year, as validated by independent research
  • Assisting businesses across various industries – including IT, tech, and specialist manufacturing – to scale and grow into export markets
  • Partnering with businesses to achieve strong strategic value in the marketplace as well as strong asset value that makes them attractive to acquire
  • Distilling the complexities of business into simple concepts that have an impact and make business easier and more certain

Simon’s business journey can only be described as courageous. He’s held the line twice – refusing to fail even when folding seemed like the best option. He understands what both pleasure and pain do for motivation and, as a consultant, he harnesses this knowledge to get the best out of people.

For Simon, there is only a fine line between overwhelm and boredom. He lives life at a million miles an hour, confesses that the inside of his brain is a noisy place and meditates by mountain biking. But this rule breaker has lived and breathed execution for over 15 years and believes that in this exhilarating age of change, the businesses who are disciplined in their iterative planning and courageous in their innovation will be the ones who win.

“If the rate of innovation inside a business doesn’t meet or exceed the innovation happening in the marketplace – which is massive and exponentially accelerating – they’re going out of business.”