Contingency Planning

Our experienced and talented team bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and skill that will enhance any business leadership team. We become a crucial player supporting your team through change.

The winners are those who can identify potential challenges early then adapt and change the fastest.

It’s essential to know what you can immediately do to help your business and your people to cope with market change, and how to succeed moving forward – to survive and thrive in difficult times.

We have combined key research and experience from previous recessions and other contingencies, such as the Canterbury earthquakes and COVID, that enable us to determine how a business should best weather a storm depending on their industry, market position and financial position.  

We show businesses how to develop a plan that enables them to understand:

  • Where they currently are
  • Where they want to be
  • What they must focus on to achieve that
  • How to heighten the tempo to implement it
  • What short term and mid-term changes to make as they progress on their journey.

Our proven framework of Culture, Strategic Intent, Disciplined Execution and High Performance Leadership, with additional recession and contingency focused tools allow us to help you develop and implement a robust strategy to successfully navigate change

We will support you to understand your business and develop your strategic plan. We’ll look at the nature of recession environments and understand general survival strategies consider initial response options and look at the indicators in the market.

If you’d like a closing market focused strategy for your business that will help your business survive or thrive and engage your people through a difficult time then contact us now. We’d love to help.