Advisory Boards

Advisory.Works has helped thousands of business owners globally to simplify their business, and we can do the same for you. We will support, teach and motivate you to put in place the tools, processes and systems that you and your business need to maximise future performance. Our goal is to get you out of business as usual and into the strategically important priorities that will really drive your business forward. Select one of our world-class programmes to find out more.


We work with global thought leaders and Business Schools to constantly review and iterate our processes to keep you ahead of the crowd.

Our Strategic Business Partner is John Spence, a top 100 Business Thought Leader & Business Influencer in the USA and one of the top 500 Leadership Experts in the world.

Advisory Boards

Advisory BoardsGovernance shifts your thinking to the strategic issues rather than the operational day-to-day running of the business – NZIOD

As a business owner, if you are thinking that others might be able to help in your success by providing valuable business insight and oversight; or you require some specialist or generalist advice; or you need help with succession planning and/or to become investment ready; or you simply want to your business to become more professional, then an Advisory Board may be great option. We use a simple questionnaire to help you determine whether you are ready to have an Advisory Board.

At Advisory.Works, we specialise in providing Advisory Board services to selected businesses. Our team of experienced and qualified business Directors are able to provide a valuable resource as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to complement your business leadership.

Having discussed Advisory Boards with you to determine your readiness for initial governance and determined what you want to achieve, we will establish and implement a simple, formalised, supportive atmosphere for you to regularly get together with your selected advisors to discuss your business to inform your decision making.


We help you to set-up and establish your board, which can include supporting/developing you strategic goals through to helping you assemble the best people to be part of your Advisory Board. We can also help you to operate and chair your board, from administration to strategic focus and leadership support.

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